1 free, free of charge, gratis, gratuitous.
Un insulto sin causa aparente.. A gratuitous insult.
2 gratuitous.
Un insulto sin causa aparente.. A gratuitous insult.
* * *
1 (de balde) free
muestra gratuita free sample
2 (sin fundamento) arbitrary, gratuitous
* * *
(f. - gratuita)
* * *
1) (=gratis) free, free of charge
2) [comentario] gratuitous, uncalled-for; [acusación] unfounded, unjustified
* * *
-ta adjetivo
a) (gratis) free
b) (infundado) <afirmaciones> unwarranted; <insulto> gratuitous
* * *
-ta adjetivo
a) (gratis) free
b) (infundado) <afirmaciones> unwarranted; <insulto> gratuitous
* * *
= free, free of charge, giveaway [give-away], gratuitous, toll-free, complimentary, freebie, out of the goodness of + Posesivo + heart, freely available, costless, free for the taking, free of cost, no cost(s), on a complimentary basis.

Ex: Late in 1986, the Medical Library took advantage of Cambridge Scientific Abstracts' free trial offer of its compact Medline on CD-ROM.

Ex: Law centres employ qualified lawyers and they receive a waiver from the Law Society that allows them to provide their services free of charge.
Ex: HUD publications range from give-away pamphlets to multi-volume research tomes = Las publicaciones HUD van desde los folletos gratuitos a tomos de investigaciones en varios volúmenes.
Ex: It is the institutions' general practice to grant gratuitous permissions for photocopying except where substantial quantities of matter are involved.
Ex: For access and price information concerning the electronic version of Everyman's, contact Dialog Information Services, Inc. 3460 Hillview Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94304 or telephone toll-free 1-800-227-1927 (outside California).
Ex: This is a classified, annotated guide to magazines which fall into the general category of house magazines available to libraries on a complimentary basis.
Ex: The article 'Professional reference service with 'freebie' librarians' discusses the free online reference service offered by the Internet Public Library.
Ex: The article is titled 'Out of the fire and into the frying pan'.
Ex: Thus, resources should be freely available, or at the very last charge only nominal fees for their use.
Ex: Another property of DSMA protocols is a provision for a graceful dynamic reconfiguration and costless protocol recovery after a lost token.
Ex: The short answer of course is 'yes,' simply because we now live in a world where these resources are expected to be there, and many expect them to be there free for the taking.
Ex: An annexure reviews electronic journals available free of cost.
Ex: Respondents who preferred CD-ROM searching did so because they liked doing their own searches and the fact that there were no costs involved.
Ex: Mountain bikes are available on a complimentary basis for guests who wish to explore the scenic north coast of the island.
* adquisición gratuita = free acquisition.
* de forma gratuita = on a complimentary basis.
* de modo gratuito = on a complimentary basis.
* ejemplar gratuito = gift copy.
* entrada gratuita = free ticket.
* llamada gratuita = toll-free.
* nada en la vida es gratuito = you cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs.
* número de teléfono de llamada gratuita = toll free telephone number, toll-free number.
* publicación gratuita = free publication.

2 = wanton, gratuitous.

Ex: The book focuses on images where hideous atrocities -- e.g., murder, blasphemy, wanton destruction and even cannibalism -- are shown to be part of the daily life of the common people of Paris during the revolution.

Ex: However, most librarians do not have the training for counseling and should avoid gratuitous tampering with the lives of library patrons.
* a título gratuito = gratuitous.

* * *
gratuito -ta
1 (gratis) free
asistencia médica gratuita free medical care
2 ‹afirmaciones› unwarranted
* * *


-ta adjetivo

a) (gratis) free

b) (infundado) ‹afirmacionesunwarranted;

gratuito,-a adjetivo
1 (gratis) free (of charge)
aparcamiento gratuito, free parking
2 (sin justificación, sin fundamento) gratuitous
una medida gratuita, a gratuitous measure
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* * *
gratuito, -a adj
1. [gratis] free
2. [arbitrario] gratuitous;
[infundado] unfair, uncalled for;
violencia gratuita gratuitous violence
* * *
adj free;
ser gratuito fig be gratuitous
* * *
gratuito, -ta adj
1) : gratuitous, unwarranted
2) gratis: free, gratis
* * *
gratuito adj free

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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